Advanced Workshop on

Solution Chemistry of TCEs

Białystok  /  22-23 January 2019

Advanced Workshop on

Solution Chemistry of TCEs

Białystok  /  22-23 January 2019

Why TCEs?

Trace elements, including the PGE (platinum group elements), REE (rare earth elements), and others like Nb, Ta, Ga, In, Ge and Te, are often referred to as technology critical elements or TCEs. The rate of their production and utilisation has particularly increased through their use in high-tech applications. The possible environmental and (eco)toxicological implications of this trend is the object of the EU COST action NOTICE.

Why Solution Chemistry?

Serious discrepancies between published thermodynamic parameters of chemical reactions are well-known while the field is often considered as ‘old-fashioned’. At the same time, these parameters are needed in many fields to predict the behaviour of chemical elements in environmental, biological or industrial systems.


This workshop is for you if

  • you are working on analytical, environmental, biological or industrial issues related to TCEs
  • you are actively using speciation codes for trace element speciation calculation (even if not TCEs)
  • you are measuring equilibrium constants or feeding equilibrium constant databases (even if not TCEs)

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Day 1
22 Jan 2019
Day 2
23 Jan 2019

Poster communications

Rosita Cappai A new 3-hydroxy-4-pyridinones: iron and aluminium sequestration and in vivo studies. Abstract
Antonio Cobelo Chemical Speciation and Geochemical Behaviour of Platinum in Natural Waters – A Critical Review Abstract
Montserrat Filella Equilibrium constants for the low-molecular-weight species of LSTCE: update Abstract
Teba Gil-Díaz Short-term temporal processes for high resolution dispersion scenarios of tellurium radionuclides in aquatic systems: coupling of tellurium sorption kinetics, radionuclide decay and estuarine hydrodynamics Abstract
Guillaume Jiranek Building a consistent thermodynamic database for gadolinium inorganic complexes in aqueous solution Abstract
Katarzyna Kińska Studies of palladium uptake by plants – important aspects of experiment design Abstract
Nicolas Lachaux Ecotoxicology of Rare Earth Elements (REE) in freshwater systems : behaviour and biological effects Abstract
Zoran Pandilov A short overview of the use of PGEs (Platinum Group Elements) in modern industrial applications Abstract
Ana Romero-Freire Assessment of Pt (IV) kinetics in an ecotoxicological aquatic test with Dunaliella salina Abstract
Katalin Várnagy The role of side chains in the fine tuning of metal binding ability of peptides Abstract


University of Białystok, Faculty of Biology and Chemistry, Institute of Chemistry, Room 1014, Ciolkowskiego 1K, 15-245 Białystok, Poland

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